Why you should travel
Why you should travel

Why you should travel?


Why you should travel?

Travel is a powerful. Meaningful. Once you try and leave your home behind, you will certainly notice that it changes you fundamentally. No more boundaries, you're free and absolutely amazed by the people you meet and the place you visit. It's something that stays deep in your heart and soul. It last within you forever. When we take a break from our daily life, forgetting about rush and duties, we have a chance to be a new, better person.

When I think about my personal reasons that pushed me into a road, I immediately see all the greatest opportunities that made my life unusual. It was definitely worth a try.

1. I improved my language skills. I mean it. I can communicate in 4 languages, but what is even more important – I'm a master in sign language! I can totally book a hostel room without knowing a word in a local language, everywhere in the world!

2. I'm better than my grandfather in game shows, really! Particularly in history and geography fields. Of course special thanks are due to all my trips. In Peru, I met a man who told me the story of that country, which I remember to this day.

3. I know myself (or maybe almost know ;)). During every trip I discover something more inside me. Travelling is also a chance of a life time to fight against weaknesses. I always suffered for arachnophobia, when I saw a spider I was really scared. After my lifetime trip to the jungle, spider is only a small friend for me!

4.Local cuisine. There is nothing better than trying the traditional dishes in the homes of the natives. Honest discussions during the preparation of the meal and dinner - it brings people together. Feelings accompany me while learning about the history and life of people who I meet on my way are indescribable. People which you meet on the road stay in your heart for long time. Some of them stay there forever. Maybe you will be next person meeting abroad?

5. Every trip gives me perspectives for further travel. I want more and more. I can`t be in one place. I have to tell you something - travelling is addictive.

I'd love to hear YOUR personal reasons to travel.